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Five Of The Best Sennheiser Headphones

The wide range of best Sennheiser headphones has something for everyone, audiophiles, sound professionals, and casual music lovers alike.

Headphones are a great way to enjoy recorded audio media. They offer the total immersion experience of a surround sound system for a fraction of the cost.

  • 22 Jun 2017

Klipsch IMAGE S4 In-Ear Enhanced Bass Noise-Isolating Headphones

The Klipsch Image S4 Headphones is great if you wish to enjoy music minus the outside noise. The price is easy on the budget, and the sound is dynamic and the comfort is unequaled. It features good noise isolation and enhanced bass so you'll get a good clean sound.

  • 30 Jun 2017
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18 Jun 2017
Posted By Gary R.

Studio Headphones-A Review of The Leading Studio Headphones

The Audio Technica ATH-D40fs Pro Studio Monitor Headphones are premium professional headphones for the studio. They produce a flat, extended frequency response ideal for professional studio. If you are serious about listening to music and sound quality then you check the should check the Audio Technica ath d40fs headphones out.
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